Thursday, 3 November 2011

Unit 2: Folder 12

So.. Adventure in a Stone Age Land Underground - Edgar Rice Burroughs - At The Earth's Core. This is the book I have been given, and to be honest I'm actually really looking forward to try this one out, When I first chose Folder 12 I was instantly thinking please be a good one and something I would be really interested in doing and looking forward to seeing an amazing piece of final designs at the end. To be honest I think I may have got it :D My first impression was wow! Jurassic park! but as reading the book it doesn't seem as much Jurassic park as I thought but it's al-right because I've read into some pretty interesting parts of the book that express some good idea's I could use. It doe's mention a few times about dinosaur type creature's but within the book they don't sound like dinosaur's they seem much more then that. But this book should be a good one and looking forward to see what I'm able to come up with.

These are just 3 Idea's I taken from the book. I did come up with about 6 or 7 but these 3 were the one's that stood out for me the most and seemed most appealing to me.

Idea 1:
This description instantly reminded me of an actual island I've actually experienced and seen with my own eyes and my god! it's beautiful. Really nice well textured rocks, beautiful palm tree's, gold sand and most of all the see through tropical water. This for me has to be one of the strongest Idea's that I will most likely definitely be using.
Here is an example of the Idea 1, what represent's this highlighted idea and where I've been. This will also be a part of my Influence map.

Idea 2:
This description also instantly stood out for me as it reminds me of the Lord of the Rings: Two Towers scene where all the tree's come out of the woods and see all the other tree's burnt down and all gloomy and dark, it also represent's and show's that the woods is quite creepy also. Which also is shown in the Harry potter film showing magnificent detail of what my gloomy dark woods idea could be based on.
This gave me a great idea though to do the woods in a dark, dingy and creepy was but yet keeping small thing's in bright colour and a great example for me that showed this was from the film: Schindler's list I'm sure it's called.
This Image of the girl I'm sure has been Photoshop to show her red dressing standing out more. Which is perfect because it's kind of what feel I would like to try out with my Idea 2 Photoshop work keeping the gloomy, dark, scary woods but with the odd few flowers and stuff standing out of the picture.

Idea 3:
I thought this would give me a pretty good idea of what I could do because as soon as I read it, it instantly  reminded me of the first Alien vs Predator film where they fall down the large whole and come across the pyramid temple and it's all being dark and gloomy around the temple but the temple itself quite lit up.
For this rather then the beautiful beach scene, and the dark, gloomy shady scene, I could keep this seen more lit up but having the woods more in-depth much like the jungle look or even the front cover of the book having it pretty much like this the way it's lit up and actually maybe having a dinosaur of some sort walking away from the temple to give the scene a more realistic feel to it. The Alien vs Predator scene I was referring to is this:

Really looking forward to seeing what I'm able to produce from these Photoshop idea's and the final designs.

Influence Maps up soon!


  1. Have you found some artist that you like the style of? is a site I found really helpful.

    I really like the idea of the saturated design with just a few colours suggesting a mood. Could look really effective.

    How does the 'look' your going for in each design reflect on the story of scene? Your images need to tell the story just as much as they show the evnviroment.

    Look foreward to seeing your ideas :)

  2. Hey Sammy thanks for the reply and I have definitely taken this on board! very much appreciated! I've been looking into the artist known as Wayne Barlowe he is a very big inspiration to me and I really love his design work :)

    How does the 'look' your going for in each design reflect on the story of scene? Your images need to tell the story just as much as they show the evnviroment. (Yes this is a very good point well ill look more in depth with the mood of the story at the specific times within the book and make sure to create the right mood and designs of the right time.

    Thank you very much for your feedback by the way I really appreciate it :)