Monday, 7 November 2011

Unit 2 Influence Map's

These Influence map's will be based on the 3 final design idea's for all 3 idea's.

This Influence map is to show that my book and my designs are all going to be based on the earth as if we lived on the inside of the earth. For the top image from Halo is supposed to be the world but in fact the opposite way round. So if this was to happen to us we would most likely see the sea above us millions of miles away, Australia or something like this. The beast picture is also based on this because in the film Thor there's one point where the people are running on the top part of the rock and the beast is actually chasing them from underneath the rock up-side down. I couldn't find the actual image but this was a rough idea of the best and to show that I've thought about that part of the film.

Idea 1: Influence map.

This influence map is based upon my final designs for my Idea 1 design. I want to try keep the idea one's designs to look as beautiful and pretty as possible to give it that realistic beautiful approach to the world and because of it not actually be the right way of earth making it feel much like a place that you could only imagine in your dreams. My idea of this is based around a island known as the Seychelles due to it's beautiful scenes, beaches, see through water and in fact describes perfectly my idea for Idea 1.

Idea 2: Influence map

The idea around my Idea 2 design was to go for the more creepy look effect of the woods. I'm looking forward to seeing how my Idea 2 design will turn out because I'm wanting to merge creepy, horror, scary scene but mix it with the odd one or two beautiful thing's, much like the representation of the girl in the red dress where everyone around her is black and white but yet she stands out like a rose in a patch of dead weeds for example. But at the same time I am thinking of whether to go for a creepy look but yet not so creepy meaning having beautiful features about it but yet somehow it still stands out to be slightly creepy. For example the of the two people standing in the woods (Twilight Film) the woods seem really green colourful and nice full of life, but yet in the background of the woods and certain parts of it, it feel damp, miserable and even has smoke to give it that more creepy effect about the scene. So this could also be a good idea for this Idea. I've included the giant Ent picture and the face made of tree's picture to represent that even if the woods was to look really creepy or even really beautiful if one of the tree's was to feel as if alive or watching you like a living being it would give you a slight chill about the atmosphere of where you was no matter how beautiful or scary the place may look.

Idea 3: Influence map

This idea was more based on the idea of temple's. So the idea I would like to go for or a way to approach this would be to base my temple on a temple that's maybe been hidden for years or centuries and has been overgrown with tree's, bushes, life and anything that could possible grow. The biggest top left image and top right image is a perfect example of how I would like to approach this design idea by having the temple been overgrown with maybe a tree running down or growing from within out spreading to the outside of the temple and then using the top right image as like an example of it still being able to be seen amongst the tree's. Meaning if the tree's were to grow to a certain level, then the tree's or one big great tree growing from the temple would then stand out more then other's much like a great tree of power, like the lord of tree's that watches over the other's. If this make's sense.

This is an example of what I mean, but imagine the temple living within or underneath the tree.

Thank's for having the time to look into these Influence maps and any feedback would be nice if you think these go well, with the idea's I have my my design's

Few thumbnails will be uploaded soon.

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