Saturday, 22 October 2011

Unit 1: Final Design

Personally I didn't think I did that bad with the design :S but the only slight let down would be the chest could of gone into more detail with it, only thing is my animal doesn't really have much detail because all its fur is the same and really smooth .. so :S Think not having a background might of done it for me, for making it not look as good as it could of been but don't know :S
Arhh well looking forward to the next project with creating scenarios that should be quite interesting :)
any opinions would be cool, negative or positive :) obviously if negative say it in a way that's polite lol :P

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Influence Map

I found looking for pictures that influenced me for my animal quite hard but then as I put deep thought into it, I realised it wasn't as hard as I thought.

The evil Gremlins: I actually typed gremlins in or evil Gremlins and whilst scrolling down it actually came up with a picture of the animal I am using for this project so that was a big help.
to me Gremlins are pretty much like my animal except they stand like human's and are also the same colour with big ears like my animal.

The small middle picture and the top right picture are actually images I came across on Google when trying to look for influences for my animal, So these were a big help because these picture's are already Tarsier cross with a human already so these two picture were a great inspiration.

Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc was a obvious choice for me Due to his large eye which is a definate resemblance to my Animal's eyes.

Yoda was also a obvious choice for me due to his height, his eyes, ear's and his skin he pretty much is my animal but looking for human like due to his posture and the way he act's within films.

The screaming monkey is the monkey from Pirates of the Carribean and I choose this due to him being like a small money and him being half dead, with the hair falling out which could represent some sort of transformation.

Silhouettes for my Animal

These are some Silhouettes I could come up with for my animal/human transformation.

1:  Is representing a fully standing human but with the features of the animals head shape, eyes, ears and hands. Also as well if fully coloured would be showing the Silhouette being fully clothed with a few ribs and tears of were over growth has occurred.

2: For this one I've gone for the more in pain about to transform look basically crawling because of being in so much pain and the head/skull is bulging out with the animals head shape, the arms are cracking into the animals hands and arm shape, including the legs and the tail has ripped from the bottom of the trousers.

3: This one is more of a transformation were its pretty much coming to the end and its basically me still in some clothes. Like the back has been ripped open where my spine would be and the head I would still be wearing a hat. Also as well I look one with nature as it were except an animal in clothes and not so much in pain any more.

4: For this one I come up with the more a lot of the transformation has happened except its gone slightly wrong and left me still with a human shaped head but with the animals features, such as the eyes, ears and even fur/hair.

5: This is more of the cross mix of human and animal were I have features of both. Much like a half transformation. For example the body of a human, hands and feet but the head, eyes, ears and legs of the animal. Also with the exception of hair growing all over the whole body but only slightly because of the animal.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Animal Idea's so far

Hey all firstly get used to Photoshop has been amazing really getting into it and enjoying it quite a lot
and looking forward to becoming better.
I'm still little confused with my animal of how to morph him with animal/human form but I have a few little idea's

Here's an example of my animal in Photoshop so far. I was thinking of concentrating on the actually drawing of the animal 1st because I have found drawing this animal to be more difficult then I thought. In this image I've found that drawing the animal has actually helped me with my idea's, for example. I've decided to give one side of his eye and actual human eye and maybe the animal's big eye trying to bulge from the back of the human eye.
I've found this animal to be quite hard when it comes to drawing/sketching the animal and
mainly the fur/hair that the animal has is hard to recognize the key features of the animal.
For example of what I mean is that on the 1st image I uploaded of my animal the mouth seems quite hard to recognize on how to actually draw it, but I'm sure I work out something with this.

Here's a more in depth stage of the same Photoshop drawing but obviously instead has some more colour and detail. With the eyes I'm trying to show the right eye human but the skin, reddy type coloured skin representing like bruised and stretch much like a bubble and this is basically the animal's eye trying to get through but growing from behind the human eye.
The hands are darkened out because I'm still yet to decide what I would like to do with these but I am thinking of attempting maybe turning them into humans hands to give this image more of a transformation type feel.
I also as well have made the nose a really strange shape to how the actually nose is, which also looks like the animal is smiling or at least giving some sort of face expression to represent there is still a human within him.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Finally have a computer

Hey all just wanted to say i've finally got a computer now, custom built one that Josh has kindly helped with but its still need updates and installments so i should have work going up soon.

This is an update mainly intended for Phil but also anyone else wondering were i was.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

My Animal the: Tarsier

The Tarsier is the animal i choose from out the magic box, when i 1st got the name i was instantly confused but excited to find out what i had. The latin name of this animal/mammal is known as (Tarsius Syrichta) I then went onto finding out this latin name to find out i got a Tarsier and im not going to lie i was thinking straight away i have no idea how im going to implement this into myself and a transformation type thing. Im still now trying to come up with idea's. Also if anyone else has any idea's anythink would be appreciated but obviously only rough idea's i don't want to completely make the whole creature based on someone else's idea :).

There is a lot of information on these guy's but ill sum up main points.

So what is the Tarsier?:
The Tarsier is an extraordinary animal. Relative to weight, the Tarsier has the largest eyes of all the mammals. It is a tree mammal and primate but not a "monkey" even though it's mistaken as a small monkey due to the way it is.
The Tarsiers, unlike other primates, completely refuse to eat any plant matter whatsoever. They eat mostly insents but can sometimes occationally enjoy birds, crabs, snakes, bats, etc, as log as it is something they can grab and eat its little head, crickets and grasshoppers also for example. Tarsier's may also be eaten themselves by other creatures such as snakes, lizards, owls, and other birds of prey. The Tarsier catches/grabs their food with boths hands and gobbles is up screwing up its tine face contentedly.

Tarsier's also are nocturnal creatures so therefore hunt mainly at night and its the big eye's that help this creature capture its prey at night.
The Tarsier's have a flexible neck which allows its head to swivel around 180 degrees to help it scan for prey or predator. This is necessary as their eyeballs do (not) rotate. The ears are usually moving around when the animal is awake. They can flatten and roll their eats back and unfurl them again also.
Here is an example of a Tarsier with it head rotated a whole 180 degree's.

The Tarsier is also an amazing jumper able to jump more that 40 times it's own body length. The hind legs can grow up to twice the head and body length also. Their name Tarsier is mainly represented from their powerful ankle bones - tarsals because they like to jump and cling to tree's.
Here is an example of a Tarsier with it's leg spead out.

And this pretty much sum's up my animal's main features and the information about my animal.
Im looking forward to getting more in depth with my creature and also looking forward to seeing how the outcome of this creature will look in my final design.

Thanks for reading, if you made it this far. :)


Hey all firstly wanted to say quite enjoying and looking forward to getting more involved with this project i thought i would make an update of the reason for not have a decent updated blogg yet. I currently don't have a PC and Phil knows of this situation and so therefore not been able to upload work as much as i want and update my blogg as much as i would like. But i shall have my PC tomorrow Monday 11/10/2011 and then once i have it ill able to update my blogg and work also :)