Thursday, 13 October 2011

Influence Map

I found looking for pictures that influenced me for my animal quite hard but then as I put deep thought into it, I realised it wasn't as hard as I thought.

The evil Gremlins: I actually typed gremlins in or evil Gremlins and whilst scrolling down it actually came up with a picture of the animal I am using for this project so that was a big help.
to me Gremlins are pretty much like my animal except they stand like human's and are also the same colour with big ears like my animal.

The small middle picture and the top right picture are actually images I came across on Google when trying to look for influences for my animal, So these were a big help because these picture's are already Tarsier cross with a human already so these two picture were a great inspiration.

Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc was a obvious choice for me Due to his large eye which is a definate resemblance to my Animal's eyes.

Yoda was also a obvious choice for me due to his height, his eyes, ear's and his skin he pretty much is my animal but looking for human like due to his posture and the way he act's within films.

The screaming monkey is the monkey from Pirates of the Carribean and I choose this due to him being like a small money and him being half dead, with the hair falling out which could represent some sort of transformation.

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  1. Hey Shayne, I got your comment on my blog. Hi! I really like your silhouettes in the last post, particularly 2 and 5. Looks like you're getting on well with this project. It's your last week now, right? If you need any help with anything just leave a comment on my blog and I'll get back to you asap, or we can meet up in the UCA - I've nothing scheduled for this week until Friday. :)