Thursday, 13 October 2011

Silhouettes for my Animal

These are some Silhouettes I could come up with for my animal/human transformation.

1:  Is representing a fully standing human but with the features of the animals head shape, eyes, ears and hands. Also as well if fully coloured would be showing the Silhouette being fully clothed with a few ribs and tears of were over growth has occurred.

2: For this one I've gone for the more in pain about to transform look basically crawling because of being in so much pain and the head/skull is bulging out with the animals head shape, the arms are cracking into the animals hands and arm shape, including the legs and the tail has ripped from the bottom of the trousers.

3: This one is more of a transformation were its pretty much coming to the end and its basically me still in some clothes. Like the back has been ripped open where my spine would be and the head I would still be wearing a hat. Also as well I look one with nature as it were except an animal in clothes and not so much in pain any more.

4: For this one I come up with the more a lot of the transformation has happened except its gone slightly wrong and left me still with a human shaped head but with the animals features, such as the eyes, ears and even fur/hair.

5: This is more of the cross mix of human and animal were I have features of both. Much like a half transformation. For example the body of a human, hands and feet but the head, eyes, ears and legs of the animal. Also with the exception of hair growing all over the whole body but only slightly because of the animal.


  1. 2 and 5 have lots of potential, Shayne. You know, if this was my animal, the first thing I'd do would be to explore the ways in which the proportionate size of the animal's eyes would map onto my own face. You could start by drawing a 100% 'you' portrait, and then a 100% animal, and then morph - via a series of thumbnails between the two - your splice might derive its final appearance from a middle thumbnail, for example.

  2. Yeh I've been focusing on 2 and 5 as well and ok that might things easier, Thanks Phil