Friday, 20 January 2012

Unit 3 Environment: Final Piece "Uncanny" Kids/Baby Room

Unit 3 Environment Presentation "Uncanny"

Unit 3 Uncanny Presentation

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Final Scene so far..

The Idea is to have a kids/babies room in the attic this leading to uncanny simply because you just don't have a babie's room in the attic, and also the feel of as if being watched but not knowing what by, by secret messages or the presence of the jack in the box without his head..

Final Scene Modelled without UV/Texture

Final Scene full UV'ed

Thursday, 12 January 2012

@Phil, or everyone else :) Updated Thumbnail

Really need to get my other thumbnails uploaded as well I'll get them done soon :)

but for now this is basically an updated version of the kids room except this time to give it more realism with a uncanny feel I've put the Kids room in an Attic and in itself that's already uncanny but realistically you just don't have a kids room in an attic, also clown's are supposed to be character that cheer you up and make you smile except everybody is scared of clowns because they seem to be too happy, also as well there's a secret message within the Kids blocks.
Should I try research more into this idea? maybe adding more small toys to give it more of a kids room feel also as well I've made the attic hatch door most likely going to be the main source of light for the room

Feedback Advice and everything nice would be cool :) (e.g. Honest feedback :P) thanks!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Unit 3 Main Thumbnail Idea

I have produced quite a few Thumbnails now still need to scan and upload them because I did them over the christmas holidays, also produced a mind map which I will upload soon as well to show how many idea's I've thought of but I've mixed 2 thumbnails I have produced into one thumbnail and this is one of my main idea's I'm interested in finishing with (maybe :P) Let us know what you think? :)

It supposed to be represented as a Kids room where the world is not quite right but also giving you the sense and feeling of someone or something is still in the room without it actually being there, For example the teddy facing towards the picture frame and the chair facing the picture frame also (maybe someone is actually sitting in the chair? also as well I've made the picture within the picture frame as people or a person looking back at the room, chair, teddy or you.