Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Unit 3 Main Thumbnail Idea

I have produced quite a few Thumbnails now still need to scan and upload them because I did them over the christmas holidays, also produced a mind map which I will upload soon as well to show how many idea's I've thought of but I've mixed 2 thumbnails I have produced into one thumbnail and this is one of my main idea's I'm interested in finishing with (maybe :P) Let us know what you think? :)

It supposed to be represented as a Kids room where the world is not quite right but also giving you the sense and feeling of someone or something is still in the room without it actually being there, For example the teddy facing towards the picture frame and the chair facing the picture frame also (maybe someone is actually sitting in the chair? also as well I've made the picture within the picture frame as people or a person looking back at the room, chair, teddy or you.


  1. Hey Shayne,

    Just be aware of the old rule 'less is more' - you've got a number of uncanny 'triggers' in this image, but maybe they don't need to combine or 'double-code'? This thumbnail feels as if you're trying on all your new clothes at once...

  2. Haha ok what you think I should try out? :/ maybe remove some images around like only having 1 window, get rid of the poster the main focus is supposed to be teddy, chair facing towards the picture frame with the fireplace but all the upside down stuff gives it that more sense of nothing's quite right and I would like to edge slightly towards the furniture not in the correct place but correctly positioned if that makes sense :P something along those lines anyways :)

  3. basically getting rid of 1 window, the dinosaur poster, the chest maybe and the desk next to the bed and only having maybe the shelves and bed there as the upside uncanny vibe to it? maybe or try out other things? :)

  4. I like the upside-down idea, but I agree with Phil, its a bit hotch-potch. It doesn't look like a kids room either. I suggest trying a couple of thumbnails out, one kids room (without the gothic candlesticks etc, maybe some toys) and one room as it is - maybe with the picture within a picture still but skew the perspective or look in round a door or something?
    If lots of things are obviously wierd the brain tells you that. If its only one or two things (or its all really subtle) you can sense something is not right but have to look really carefully to see what it is. I think thats what were trying to get here.
    Hope this helps - feel free to ignore if it doesn't :)

  5. Sweet yeh I see what you mean ok I'll try more idea's thanks very much both of you appreciate all advice and feedback :D