Thursday, 12 January 2012

@Phil, or everyone else :) Updated Thumbnail

Really need to get my other thumbnails uploaded as well I'll get them done soon :)

but for now this is basically an updated version of the kids room except this time to give it more realism with a uncanny feel I've put the Kids room in an Attic and in itself that's already uncanny but realistically you just don't have a kids room in an attic, also clown's are supposed to be character that cheer you up and make you smile except everybody is scared of clowns because they seem to be too happy, also as well there's a secret message within the Kids blocks.
Should I try research more into this idea? maybe adding more small toys to give it more of a kids room feel also as well I've made the attic hatch door most likely going to be the main source of light for the room

Feedback Advice and everything nice would be cool :) (e.g. Honest feedback :P) thanks!


  1. cool, kids room in an attic! You could maybe make the attic quite dingy and the kids toys would look kind of sad and uncanny...
    its really good that you tried something new, definitely works better than the other one (I think!)
    Seeya my little un had that bed!

  2. Okay but attic rooms can be very child friendly - children love attic rooms. So, as Chrissie suggests, there should be some kind of contrast/disturbance in this set up; my instinct suggests if the bed were to become a cot, then something more unnerving would begin to stir...

  3. Arhh yeh I see thanks for the feedback :) Yeh thinking about it now a cot would deffo make it more weird and creepy, also as well do you think this is just right for a kids type of room or maybe style it out more with more kids toys or even like a small train track going around the room? :/ maybe or am I trying to put all my clothes on at once again? :)

  4. um, maybe a bright cot mobile? The sort that clips on and hangs over the cot---you can get them with clowns hanging down
    cant make it link, but you could cut and paste....maybe make them a bit more clowny?

  5. yeh was thinking about on of those cot mobiles as well, I'm getting on with it all quite well so far still modelling stuff out but I'm changing the clown teddy into a jack in the box with maybe a clown head instead but having big problem modelling a clown head at the min it's a lot harder then I thought It would be :/ fingers crossed I can manage it though :D thanks chrissie :D