Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Hey Phil not ready to pitch I did also E-mail you as well before hand. Thanks

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Unit 5 - Hwk Animations

Group Morphing Animation: Me, Callum, Paris and Anthony

Cannon Ball Animation

Bouncing Ball Animation

Monday, 5 March 2012

Unit 5 - Animation!

Hey all so Unit 5 Begins today and I'm actually looking forward to trying this hand drawn animation style out, should be good :)

I got:

Egg whisk
The nimble

so basically "The Nimble, Egg whisk"

at 1st was a little weirded out by this but then the 1st thing's that came to mind were,
an Egg whisk that's in a race with others and is always competitive, and has to always be the best and in the end he learns that you can't always be the best... maybe just a 1st idea that came into my head.

also as well it reminded me of the "flight of the Buzzing bee" song which may be a great song for my Nimble Whisk just maybe but we will have to see :)

the song is this:


Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Unit 4 - Influence Maps

Unit 4 - Story

Grave digger works in Draculas castle has been tricked into working there for thousands of years so she’s dead, rotting and decaying. Part of her job is to acquire human bodies and blend them up into a special machine that brings back the goodness within the bodies like fresh blood and then is used to make for dracs dinners.

It’s night time and there is this old grave digger woman who is so ugly the whole town is freaked out by her because she resembles that of a witch. She also works for Dracula living in a large castle who is currently experimenting on potions to make himself look more handsome, whilst the gravedigger is going about her job digging graves count Dracula is working on these potions and finally manages to create what he thinks is the perfect finished potion. Meanwhile the gravedigger is making graves and digging bodies up to grind on a giant blender so that the gravedigger can get as much blood from the bodies as possible for drinks for count Dracula. The gravedigger blends away at the bodies and finally produces the blood shake count Dracula asked for. Whilst taking the blood shake up to count Dracula the gravedigger notices the potion on the side and simply asks, count Dracula wow what have you made! Count Dracula simply says a potion so I can look beautiful forever, now get out! And get back to work!. The gravedigger simply pull of a little smile whilst walking out just as she leaves count dracula’s room and goes about digging more graves. Day time rises and the gravedigger knows count Dracula will be asleep. So she has a think and decides that she’s going to try out this new potion without asking count Dracula, bare in mind the potion hasn’t been tested yet so anything could happen. She reaches count dracula’s room sneaks in and grabs the potion from the side. She then goes downstairs into her room and drinks the whole bottle of potion. But nothing happens, she is then sad and fed up that no side effect has happened and simply has a sit down on her chair. But then she dozes off for 30mins and wakes up panicking that she fell asleep on her job and if count Dracula ever found it he would be mad. She then goes back to her job but for some reason feels a lot healthier than she did before so she looks down at her hands and they look beautiful and really nicely presented much like a young women, with amazement she runs to her room and looks straight in the mirror. There she is looking in her mirror and she is beautiful, she panics and is amazed by what’s happened and she is so happy with what has happened she dives for her wardrobe and gets her best clothes and shows of her new self to some towns folks. They are all amazed by her looks they have never seen such a beautiful women in their life. People are stopping in the streets to look at her, people are wanting photographs because they think she must be famous and she is having the best day of her life and she enjoys it as much as she can. Night time is drawing near and she realises she must get back to the castle as fast as possible before count Dracula wakes up and requires a blood shake drink. She gets back to the castle in time, manages to get a blood shake ready in time and then quickly wraps her new beautiful self so that count Dracula doesn’t notice what she looks like. She takes the blood shake up to count Dracula and then goes to walk back out of the room but then all of a sudden count Dracula asks her to wait. She stops still petrified and simply asks yes sir? Count Dracula says where has my potion gone? She replies I don’t know sir, I will keep my eye out for it and then she goes to slowly walk out of the room and miraculously count Dracula suddenly appears behind her like a flash and in a blink tears of her clothes and sees her new beautiful self. Count Dracula is furious with her and shouts you have taken my potion haven’t you! You will pay for this! Count Dracula goes to bite her, gets close but then suddenly stops himself and says on second thoughts, enjoy your new look while you can, forget we had this conversation. She is astounded and apologizes to count Dracula for taking the potion but also says thank you ever so much count Dracula. Dracula says in return for you beautiful looks I want you to work for me as a gravedigger for the rest of your living life. She goes silent for a moment and then realises she is human so eventually she will have to stop humans don’t live forever and also as well she has a stable place to live and plus she will be beautiful forever. So she replies to count Dracula and says ok deal, thank you Dracula. As she walks out this time count Dracula has a smile on his face like he’s up to something. (He saw a slight wart wanting to grow through her skin on her neck as if she is turning ugly again or worse).
She is pleased and proud of herself as she thinks she will be beautiful forever as its night time she goes to her bed and rests till morning.
When she wakes she goes straight to make herself breakfast then after goes straight upstairs to get changed, and then once changed looks straight in the mirror to make sure she still looks her beautiful self. She still looks beautiful though because she didn’t look in the mirror at the start she actually doesn’t her back is starting to decay much like a zombie but she didn’t notice. She gets to her job digs up some more graves and get some more bodies on the grinder ready for count Dracula at night time and then once done goes back into town strutting herself around again like a famous, beautiful women. Again everyone is amazed by her and still thinking she is beautiful. She goes about her day buying new clothes or dresses for her beautiful look, the day passes by and night time is near. She heads back to the castle, gets the blood shakes ready and meal for count Dracula for when he awakes. She approaches his door, enters and leaves everything on the side like she has done for a long time. Just as she leaves count Dracula says enjoying your new beautiful self? She replies: why yes I am sir thank you ever so much for letting me have this potion and not being angry, he replies: It’s ok just enjoy yourself while you can. She says thank you sir but is also confused with why he said while you can, but she just shrugs it off and ignores it.
She then heads to bed for a good night’s sleep. She then wakes up the next day still feeling fine but this time she is so excited with her beautiful look she gets changed straight away into a beautiful dress and heads straight into town expecting more positive comments, but this time everyone is screaming and running away from her, she shouts what’s wrong! But no one replies and just keep running away from her. She is so upset she runs back to the castle and looks straight in the mirror but this time instead of being ugly she is vile and in fact so ugly that her body has decayed and she has actually turned into a zombie. In pure panic she passes out.
She is then woken up by count Dracula who gets her on her feet and gets her a drink (count Dracula has secretly put something in the drink without her knowing though, like some sort of spell) she thanks Dracula, drinks her drink and then gets back to her job.
After days of being a zombie and dead she gets so upset she jumps into the blender to take her life and end this misery of being a ugly, dead zombie.
She then suddenly wakes up after jumping into the blender but this time she is now a ghost. She straight away runs to Dracula as this ghost and asks why I am not dead. Count Dracula replies you promised you would work for me as my gravedigger forever and now you will work with me forever because you can’t live this castle and you can’t kill yourself either. Count Dracula cries in evil laughter and once again smiles.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Unit 2 - Disc

@Phil - Unit 2 Essay

Corpse Bride Essay

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Unit 4 - Update

Apologies on not uploading my work or more things I've been concentrating on my Unit 2 as this has to be in on friday 10th Tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding and really looking forward to get down to it properly after friday! :D

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Unit 4 - Storytelling

So Unit 4 Storytelling has begun:

1st was Environment: I got a Castle

2nd was Prop: I got a Blender :/

3rd was a character: I got a Grave Digger

These are the 3 thing's I choose from out of Phil's mysterious, scary, unknown magic envelope thing at 1st I was quite pleased with what I got but then I really thought about it and the castle and Grave digger could go really well with each other and maybe create some sort of mysterious or scary cartoon/scene or maybe mix it up with a comedy type environment but then I realised I have blender now I'm assuming this is a food blender which is then what get me really confused on idea's on where the blender could come into play within the story :/

any feedback would be great got more research to upload soon thank you! :)

Friday, 20 January 2012

Unit 3 Environment: Final Piece "Uncanny" Kids/Baby Room

Unit 3 Environment Presentation "Uncanny"

Unit 3 Uncanny Presentation

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Final Scene so far..

The Idea is to have a kids/babies room in the attic this leading to uncanny simply because you just don't have a babie's room in the attic, and also the feel of as if being watched but not knowing what by, by secret messages or the presence of the jack in the box without his head..

Final Scene Modelled without UV/Texture

Final Scene full UV'ed

Thursday, 12 January 2012

@Phil, or everyone else :) Updated Thumbnail

Really need to get my other thumbnails uploaded as well I'll get them done soon :)

but for now this is basically an updated version of the kids room except this time to give it more realism with a uncanny feel I've put the Kids room in an Attic and in itself that's already uncanny but realistically you just don't have a kids room in an attic, also clown's are supposed to be character that cheer you up and make you smile except everybody is scared of clowns because they seem to be too happy, also as well there's a secret message within the Kids blocks.
Should I try research more into this idea? maybe adding more small toys to give it more of a kids room feel also as well I've made the attic hatch door most likely going to be the main source of light for the room

Feedback Advice and everything nice would be cool :) (e.g. Honest feedback :P) thanks!