Monday, 5 March 2012

Unit 5 - Animation!

Hey all so Unit 5 Begins today and I'm actually looking forward to trying this hand drawn animation style out, should be good :)

I got:

Egg whisk
The nimble

so basically "The Nimble, Egg whisk"

at 1st was a little weirded out by this but then the 1st thing's that came to mind were,
an Egg whisk that's in a race with others and is always competitive, and has to always be the best and in the end he learns that you can't always be the best... maybe just a 1st idea that came into my head.

also as well it reminded me of the "flight of the Buzzing bee" song which may be a great song for my Nimble Whisk just maybe but we will have to see :)

the song is this:



  1. haha I can see this whisk peddling his whisk body away dodging obstacles, sort of like the idea of the spoon in the egg and spoon races coming to life :)

  2. Haha two very interesting words, good luck with this unit :) you should do fine!

  3. I think these words compliment each other nicely to form something quite funny... when whisking eggs you have to be anything but nimble. Its an aggressive task. I can imagine it starting out nimble and delicate but when the eggs just won't whisk so it gets faster and faster.