Saturday, 22 October 2011

Unit 1: Final Design

Personally I didn't think I did that bad with the design :S but the only slight let down would be the chest could of gone into more detail with it, only thing is my animal doesn't really have much detail because all its fur is the same and really smooth .. so :S Think not having a background might of done it for me, for making it not look as good as it could of been but don't know :S
Arhh well looking forward to the next project with creating scenarios that should be quite interesting :)
any opinions would be cool, negative or positive :) obviously if negative say it in a way that's polite lol :P


  1. ah sweet man i mist your crit =/

    i think this has come along nicely, i know you found it hard coming up initial ideas with this but i think you have done an ace job man! loving th deformed appendages xD

  2. Hey, I'm your creative partner for unit 2 :) Haven't been able to catch you at uni. is my email if it's easier to chat that way. Let me know what folder you have and what ideas you have so far.