Saturday, 8 October 2011

Animal Idea's so far

Hey all firstly get used to Photoshop has been amazing really getting into it and enjoying it quite a lot
and looking forward to becoming better.
I'm still little confused with my animal of how to morph him with animal/human form but I have a few little idea's

Here's an example of my animal in Photoshop so far. I was thinking of concentrating on the actually drawing of the animal 1st because I have found drawing this animal to be more difficult then I thought. In this image I've found that drawing the animal has actually helped me with my idea's, for example. I've decided to give one side of his eye and actual human eye and maybe the animal's big eye trying to bulge from the back of the human eye.
I've found this animal to be quite hard when it comes to drawing/sketching the animal and
mainly the fur/hair that the animal has is hard to recognize the key features of the animal.
For example of what I mean is that on the 1st image I uploaded of my animal the mouth seems quite hard to recognize on how to actually draw it, but I'm sure I work out something with this.

Here's a more in depth stage of the same Photoshop drawing but obviously instead has some more colour and detail. With the eyes I'm trying to show the right eye human but the skin, reddy type coloured skin representing like bruised and stretch much like a bubble and this is basically the animal's eye trying to get through but growing from behind the human eye.
The hands are darkened out because I'm still yet to decide what I would like to do with these but I am thinking of attempting maybe turning them into humans hands to give this image more of a transformation type feel.
I also as well have made the nose a really strange shape to how the actually nose is, which also looks like the animal is smiling or at least giving some sort of face expression to represent there is still a human within him.


  1. WOW! this is coming along nicely! is this the first time you have used photoshop for doing something like this?

    check out its bone structure, its really similar to that of a humans.

    hope that helps in giving you ideas with the morphing. xD

  2. sorry found a better one. hope this helps