Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Unit 2: Photoshop Idea's 1 and 2

These are just some quick idea's I have of my Scene's 1 and 2 idea's These may not be final but just idea's

Quick idea for my (Idea 1 Photoshop design based on beautiful beaches, tropical sea and golden beaches)
This idea was trying to show the representation of the wave crashing up against the rocks, thus then creating sparkles like small little rainbow that you sometimes see at the sea when waves crash against rocks.
and in the distance I've made the view look like it's going up to represent that the world goes upwards rather then it actually supposed to be going down.

My Idea for my Idea 2 Design. ( I've tried to keep this scene in the way of  keeping it slightly dull but there keeping the phrase there's light at the end of the tunnel. Meaning that the forest is the creepy forest all glum and dark but then the flower's growing from the tree's and the light shining through representing that there's still beauty amongst these creepy and dark tree's.

I'll have more idea's up soon especially for my Idea 3 design (to do with temple's in the distance.)

Also I still have thumbnails and other drawings to scan and upload. :)


  1. For your info:

  2. Really liking the soft brush textures here :). All the elements in your pieces are all intergrated. Something I'm having trouble with... trying to stop mine looking like South Park. With the second image the positionings really interesting... i get the feeling on being in a branch overlooking the scene. Maybe branches would further that effect?

    Would love to see you thumbnails so I can see where your heading. Might have some images in my folders that could help. :)