Monday, 7 November 2011

Unit 2: Space: OGR

Green Light Review Unit 2


  1. Just realised that Scribd has actually made me look like I can't spell for toffee. This in-fact UN-true because on my word document there isn't any spelling mistakes because I specifically went over it like 3 times to make sure lol

  2. OGR 08/11/2011

    Hey Shayne - yep, I know that's not your spelling; did you convert your doc into a PDF before uploading to Scribd? I think going from PDF is the most stable method. Certainly, I've never experienced this if I upload a PDF. Can I suggest you take this document down, and repost from a PDF to test the theory. Obviously you and I know that your spelling is fine, but someone else might come to the wrong conclusion.

    Shayne - I was really hoping you'd taken it into your head to impress me with this OGR - and I'm so frustrated by it. I can interpret 2 things from this quantity/quality of work after 2 weeks of Unit 2 (and seven weeks of degree level study). 1) That you're working flat out, every day - and in so doing you've only managed to produce this minimum amount. If this is true, then CGAA arts - and degree level study is simply not for you. The course and its requirements are clearly beyond you and therefore it's time for you to rethink your choices... or 2, this tiny fraction of work is a consequence of your inability to make work from day 1 of week 1, and your belief that it's somehow 'okay' for you to do pretty much nothing for 2 whole weeks (and listen, in comparison with some of your classmates, this is 'pretty much nothing') and then present it at the OGR - even though it doesn't meet the content criteria, even though you've obviously given the subject of your written assignment very little consideration, beyond listing films you've obviously enjoyed. I would rather think that this is about your work ethic, as opposed to your suitability to this particularly challenging degree programme - but if I'm wrong about that - if this degree is just too labour-intensive for you, too conceptual, too creatively complex - then we need to have a conversation asap. If, however, the simple fact of the matter is that you lack drive, that you can't quite be bothered, then you need to take a look at this:

  3. This is the standard of work on CGAA. This is normal for us. This is what we expect. This is what we do, and why we do it, and why the course is structured in the way that it is. It gets students like you ready for employment and postgraduate studies - but only if they commit 100%. I'm not being unreasonable, Shayne. This is what you're paying for after all - for someone to give you something you don't already have. If you don't want it - that's fine. Choose again. Do something else. But if you do want it - if you do want to change, to grow, to become a creative force to be reckoned with, I suggest you shift your attitude to making work and do it now.

    The good news is that the Photoshop image you include in the OGR has potential, but I know that Photoshop Phill wants more energy and engagement from you in his classes.

    Re. your written assignment. You need to choose not just 'any' film - but a film in which the relationship between its physical settings and its story is particularly important (the way that Caligari's sets are 'particularly important' to our understanding of the story). Unless Pirates of the Caribbean gives you that opportunity, it's probably not the best choice. If you haven't done so already I want you to do 2 things - the first, is make an appointment with Tracey Ashmore, study skills advisor (her contact details are on your project brief) to discuss both timetabling your weeks more effectively (i.e. how you use your self-directed study time), and also how to approach your essay (you've got a Unit 1 assignment to complete too remember). The second thing is please use the 'Rough Guide to Written Assignments' available on myUCA/Unit Materials - there is lots of stuff in there on how to go about thinking about your Unit 2 assignment (it uses Caligari as an example), and there's also a Unit 2 example assignment - it deals with the design of game, but its use of evidence, tone and structure will all prove helpful to you. Please make use of the support and advice readily available to you, Sean - it will make a difference and ensure greater success as you progress.

  4. Well It looks like I'm going to have to prove you wrong by showing you I can do this! and yes I am struggling It's a massive leap for me and everything is completely new to me here and rather then automatically assuming that this course isn't for me it might well be in fact I am just not used to it all and once I am used to it all then my work might start flowing a lot better. My college from before was a little more laid back you got set a project had so many weeks to do it and then once the project was over you had like a week off or so to recover not instantly dived into another project, so I am still getting used to this part of this course. I will in fact up my game and try my hardest.
    because honestly I never want to see comments/feedback like this again especially the (The course and its requirements are clearly beyond you and therefore it's time for you to rethink your choices..) that was not nice to hear. But anyway I will try my best to up my game and prove that I can do this even if I am struggling.
    and I to be honest I am wondering if posting the OGR was a good thing in the 1st place and makes me think that if I just never bothered posting it and said I was struggling to get it up then would I of heard, what I didn't want to hear..? hmm but any ways.
    would of preferred comments/feedback like this to be dealt with through e-mail but never

  5. Shayne - is you read my feedback carefully you'll see that there are 2 interpretations of your difficulty in making work - the first was that 'it's beyond you', but I went with the second - that you're just not doing the time - therefore - yes, I DO think you're capable of degree level education, but YES, you do need to sort yourself out. If you're unhappy with the comments, you can delete them, Shayne. It's your blog after all - but I hope I've made myself clear. Anyway, I'm seeing you tomorrow re. Unit 1, so we can talk about your support needs then.

  6. sorry - 'if you read my feedback'...